Use the Best Online Piano Course to Make Your Impossible Dream Possible

Learning to play the piano without years of expensive lessons used to be impossible. Traditional piano lessons use educational techniques that were developed more than two hundred years ago, when modern formal secular mass education began. For its intended purpose – to teach children to read, write, count and prepare them for higher education – formal education works well. The teaching techniques and curriculum of modern education are now more than two hundred years old and have advanced enormously. But the core problem remains: it is designed with the lowest common denominator of both teacher and student.

In other words, it equips the least capable teachers so that they can do their job teaching the majority of students. Formal education teaches students broad academic knowledge and is not designed to quickly teach narrow specific skills. Traditional piano training teaches you a lot of theory, assuming you want to climb all the way to the top of the academic hill.

This is not the case for many of us. We don’t want to get good enough to get a certificate and qualify to teach other students. We just want to learn enough to play the piano. We don’t want to write our own music. We don’t need to know why Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 “Elvira Madigan” is good, we just want it to sound good and we want to be able to play it. For such a limited purpose, the accelerated learning technologies developed during the Cold War are ideal.

These rapid learning techniques were originally used to teach spies and diplomats to speak new languages ​​quickly. They minimized theory and focused on practical skills. Educators and scientists like Dr. Lozanov found that people learn best when they are in a special mental state called alpha. One of the core aspects of fast learning is to help students achieve this special state of mind quickly so that they can absorb information and skills efficiently. While traditional fast learning also aims to teach students how to achieve alpha on their own, the best online piano course uses modern technology to quickly transition students from their normal mental state to alpha.

Of course, modern fast learning doesn’t just rely on pushing you into the alpha frame of mind. They also use interactivity, immersion and multimedia.

The reason children learn to speak their native language so quickly and easily is because they are always exposed to their parents’ speech. They retain the vocabulary 메이저사이트 they have learned because they can use it with the people around them – this is called interactivity. The best online piano courses use multimedia video to stimulate more of your senses and help you immerse yourself in the world of music. This is different from traditional piano training, which uses textual references.

The best online piano courses also include mini computer games and quizzes to help you remember what you’ve learned. These games will also help you develop the timing needed to play the piano well. There are also games that teach you to play by ear. Just as importantly, these games make learning piano fun.

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